F & S Modeling: Assignment 9

Assignment 9 ~ Graduation Everyone deserves to graduate, so I have decided not to do this assignment for the finale, since my final 3 have done so well to get this far! So for this picture I want to show me your graduation, but not the boring ceremony. Your school has put together a party … Continue reading F & S Modeling: Assignment 9


Hitched! Cycle Three: Sixth Chronicle

Assignment Six: Celebration/Special Event This assignment you're going to show a little bit of your sims' backgrounds by showing them at a special event, celebration, or ceremony. Some examples of our equivalents would be Birthdays, Funerals, Graduations, even the Olympics The Danse Macabre Ball Lauderan wandered aimlessly from one spectacle to the next. Feigning mild … Continue reading Hitched! Cycle Three: Sixth Chronicle