F & S Modeling: Assignment 9

Assignment 9 ~ Graduation

Everyone deserves to graduate, so I have decided not to do this assignment for the finale, since my final 3 have done so well to get this far!

So for this picture I want to show me your graduation, but not the boring ceremony. Your school has put together a party for your graduate class, I wanna see hats in the air and your model really having fun!

Jinx and Graduation

God, that was a memorable night. When you wake up wearing some guys underwear, you know you must have done something exciting. We had our graduation ceremony in the arvo. I graduated with honours! Yes, surprising I know, until about seventy-five percent of our class got honours too, then it made more sense. Bumping our school up the education money ladder.
They did plan a little party for us down at the beach. Seems they spent more than the usual card table with watered down punch. Most of the class stripped off their gowns the moment they got to the water, some keeping their honour medals around their necks. Cruella, Isis and I decided to grab a quick picture together before joining our graduating class.


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